Tie A Cape Around Your Neck And Become A Superhero


Two Teeth’s next contract was to build a massive veranda, which was to stretch from my parents’ bedroom to the end of the lounge and to extend about nine meters into the front garden. The veranda’s deck was to be about two meters above the level of the grass of the front garden when finished. The walls were built out of pieces of slasto and the deck was paved with the same material. When finished it was almost kidney shaped and covered almost ninety square meters, it was huge. 

On the driveway side there was a flight of stairs about two meters wide with ten actual stairs. It was a substantial feat of engineering, especially considering that the only help Two Teeth had, was the assistant he employed to do the heavy work, digging, mixing of cement and concrete and work of that nature. It is not surprising then that his assistants were changed on a regular basis. Kirsten was now about three years old and was always under Karen’s and my feet wanting to join in the games that we played. Rather annoying as all elder children will tell you, so she was only tolerated and not really that welcome around us. Children can be very cruel and we were no exception to the rule. 

One day when Kirsten had been more annoying than usual, Karen and I came up with a game that we knew Kirsten was not big enough to join in. The gist of the game was to climb up the semi-finished veranda and jump off pretending to be Superman or some such comic hero. The two meter jump was not that dangerous as we landed on very soft ground with a very lush lawn. As Karen and I were big enough and strong enough to launch ourselves over the small slasto walkway we were in no danger at all. Kirsten on the other hand was another kettle of fish. 

Well, finally she managed to scramble up the half-finished stairway and stood where we had been jumping off, that is when her courage deserted her, it was a long way down for a three year old. I cannot remember if Karen joined me in trying to convince Kirsten to jump, but I know I finally did by telling her that with the towel tied around her neck, she would fly and if not I would catch her. She jumped I missed her and she landed head first onto the slasto path. There was blood everywhere and she would not wake up, Karen and I panicked as we thought we, or should I say I, was responsible for her death. Fortunately she had only been knocked out and after receiving a few stitches from the local doctor she was as right as rain. Just a small scar on her forehead to show how selfish and stupid I had been. 

For many years whenever she was cross with me, which was often, she would remind me that I had disfigured her for life. Punishment two days confined to bedroom, no food. The no food rule was never a problem as Hubby always sneaked food to me whenever she could, the confinement was the worst for an active seven year old.

Lots of Hugs and more,



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