Learning A Male Trait Early, Deafness


Monday brought Dr. Amoils into my life, an ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Mengele’s to me. The first thing that they had to do was drain the muck out of the ear, this was done by placing a probe deep into the ear and vacuuming the bloody muck out which was caught in a glass jar. If any representative of a tyrannical regime is reading this and has run out of ideas of how to torture dissidents to extract confessions, try this procedure, your victims will sign whatever you want after only one session. It is also non-invasive and leaves no tell-tale signs of physical abuse.

I would rather have remained deaf than to have to go through that procedure again, but it was to be repeated twice a day for a week, until it was clean enough to attempt surgery to rebuild the Mastoid bone and reconstruct the tiny little bones needed for hearing by the strange names of Stirrup, Anvil and Hammer.

Fortunately the Cochlea was undamaged and Dr. Mengele’s was sure that he would be able to restore, if not all my hearing at least a large portion of it. With that prognosis the operation was scheduled and I was duly prepped and wheeled into the really scary operating theatre. There I was transferred to the ice-cold stainless steel operating table, surrounded by people swathed in lime green robes with their faces hidden behind bandits’ masks.

No one had prepared me for this truly terrifying scene. One of the attendants injected me with something and the whole scene dissolved into a dark mist in the beat of a heart. How long the operation lasted I do not know, but it was dark when I regained consciousness in a cold dim lighted room strapped to a gurney. To wake up alone in semi darkness is really terrifying to a child, far worse than staring at anything tangible, though life threatening. For many years after that experience I was afraid of the dark.

Both my parents were standing waiting for me when I was finally wheeled to the ward where I was to spend the next couple of weeks; they were a very comforting sight.

The next morning Dr. Mengele’s continued with his torture and even after I was discharged, I was subjected to the torture three times a week. About a month later I was back, to have the right ear seen to, it was not nearly as dramatic, as they had caught the problem in its early stages and it did not require the same radical treatment. Today I am very thankful to Dr. Amoils for the miracle that he performed and the immense patience that he displayed in dealing with a screaming eight year old. Without his professional skills and dedication I would today be stone deaf.

Lots of Hugs and more,



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