Lost Keys, Friends Found


The second was the loss of the Mercedes car keys. It happened just a few days before my parents returned from wherever they had gone to.

We had spent the morning on the beach, Granny sprawled on her deck chair under her umbrella, Hubby helping Kirsten and Kern to make sand castles and Karen and I playing with the friends we had made on the beach during our stay there, there was always some we were saying good-bye to as it was their last day and hello to others who had just started their holiday. We always left the beach at noon, as it was decided that the sun became far too fierce in the afternoon. Afternoons were reserved for visiting museums, parks or just walking around the harbour looking at all the foreign cargo vessels and if we were really lucky one of the mail ships that took the mail and passengers to England.

That afternoon it had been planned that we would visit a park by the name of Mitchell’s Park which also housed the local zoo. The reason that we went to Mitchell’s Park so often was to enjoy their afternoon teas, which served the greatest tasting scones smothered in homemade strawberry jam and thick clotted cream that I have ever tasted. Also Granny used to pop across the road and visit with Robert who was now one of the inmates of the old age home across the road from the park, while we were traipsing around the zoo.

When the time came for us to leave for the park, Granny could not find the keys, so we spent that afternoon searching the apartment. By the next morning and after Hubby had looked for them as well we decided that they must have fallen out of Granny’s bag the last time we were on the beach. Off to the beach we marched, first stop lost and found, they had seen neither hide nor hair of the darn things. Then to the plan of last resort, we found the place that we had spent the morning before, or at least the place we thought we had been and started to dig and sift through the sand.

Karen and I enlisted the help of our beach friends and before long there was a hole that rivalled the Great Hole of Kimberly. Our hole however did not give up any treasure mainly the car keys were nowhere to be found. For the next few days the mission was to be repeated over and over, we lost a few of our helpers, but the excavations always brought fresh recruits. When the day dawned that our parents were to return there was still no keys, so with some trepidation Granny hired a taxi and fetched them from the airport. Well the local locksmiths needed at least a spare to make a copy and Natal motors were not much help either. So Carl was contacted and had the spare key air freighted, at some considerable expense, to us.

Lots of hugs and more,



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