A Last Christmas As A Family


At the beginning of the year my father had set a challenge for my sister and I, if we finished in the top three of our respective classes we would receive a portable radio as a prize, the prize to take the form of our Christmas presents. Well Karen was top of her class, I managed only fifth. So when Christmas arrived Karen received her portable radio, I nothing as I had not fulfilled the terms of the challenge.

We were to have one more Christmas together years later, but it would never be the same as those Christmas’ that we shared during our youth. I was informed on Christmas that a school had been chosen for me for the new academic year as my inclusion in the convent was always until the end of standard two. I was to attend a school by the name of Barberton Primary, a co-ed and duel medium school in Barberton. Duel medium meaning the school taught in both English and Afrikaans. It was also a boarding school. My father thought this was a good idea as having attended a girls school I needed toughening up and Barberton was the perfect place to do just that.

The one good thing that happened near the end of the year was that my father had opened a new business by the name of Springbok Office Supplies (1968) and that he was sure he had learned from his mistakes and this new version would be bigger and far stronger than the last business, even though he was down to a single branch again, operating from the same premises.

Lots of Hugs and more,



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